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Pool Rules & Regulations

  1. Safety is the primary concern of Captain Lee’s Marina.Use of the facility is done at the own risk of all persons.
  2. Keeping in mind that the facility is for the relaxation and recreation of all members and guests, avoid all yelling and screaming. Keep voices to a normal speaking level. Use of headphones is required with all sound and radio equipment. Do not run on the pool deck, dive into the pool or participate in raucous activities. Remember, aside from all people you see at the facility looking to enjoy relaxation, there are residents in close proximity to the pool area. Avoid disruptive activity.
  3. All bathers shall shower prior to entering the pool.Parents/guardians are expected to enforce this requirement with children for whom they are responsible.
  4. Persons who have obvious infections (colds, lesions, open sores, etc.) shall not enter the swimming pool. This also applies to those with inflamed eyes, nasal or ear discharges, excessive sunburn or communicable disease.
  5. Use of profane language at the facility is prohibited.
  6. Food and beverages may be consumed in the area surrounding the pool. All food and beverage items, including chewing gum, are not allowed in the swimming pool. Glass containers of any kind are not permitted at the facility. All refuse must be placed in the provided container.
  7. Any display of intoxication will not be tolerated.
  8. The pool area is smoke free. No smoking or vaping will be permitted anywhere on the property.
  9. Swimmers must wear proper bathing attire. No cut-offs, jeans or similar attire is allowed. Children not fully potty trained or those who experience the “occasional accident” are required to wear a swim diaper.
  10. CaptainLee’s Marina is not responsible for the loss or damage to personal property.All personal items left at the facility are left at owner’s risk.
  11. Any person suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall be permitted from entering the pool area.
  12. Guest pass holders must be accompanied by a member. When the member leaves the pool, the guest must also leave.
  13. Use of pool is strictly prohibited during an electrical storm (if electrical storm becomes bad enough, the management has the right to ask everyone to leave the pool facility until the storm has passed).
  14. The cost of any property damage will be charged to the responsible party.
  15. Baby strollers and wheelchairs are not permitted within five (5) feet of the pool.
  16. Management reserves the right to change the rules and regulations without prior notice to members.
  17. If a member elects to drop their membership, there will be no refund.
  18. Misrepresentation of family members or misuse of membership cards will result in termination of membership with no refund.

Mandatory Admission Rules for Children

  1. Children fourteen (14) years of age and younger must be accompanied by an adult OVER THE AGE OF 19. The adult must remain at the facility and bear full responsibility.
  2. Children must be accompanied in bath house.
  3. All untrained children must wear swim diapers or rubber pants underneath their bathing suits. If there is a child that defecates in the pool, YOU MUST NOTIFY THE OFFICE ASAP!
  4. No Regular Diapers in the pool. Absolutely no exceptions!
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Pool Policies


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